buildMGR reporting and information sharing extends beyond the internal needs of your firm.

Preferred suppliers and trades people who you depend upon for the co-ordination and fulfillment of your contractual obligations, play a major role in the ultimate success of your project.

Users of buildMGR who have extended the planning and scheduling facilities of the product to embrace and enhance the WORKFLOW schedules of their dependent suppliers, have experienced dramatic improvements in project turnaround.

Maximising the potential of dependent suppliers can leverage additional profitability for a project.

buildMGR is a vital construction management tool.

Some of the best testimonials for buildMGR come from related trade suppliers who enjoy the dynamic revised forecasting schedules for their products and   services.

Construction firms regularly outsourcing specialty products from dependent  suppliers who require flexible lead time adjustments due to project delays or advance works, will undoubtedly enjoy hearing testimonials about buildMGR.

it’s all about predictions!

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