Product List

  • buildMGR – a web-based relational database showing up-to-date predictions and actual status of concurrent building projects.buildMGR combines the marketing needs of a customer relationship management system (CRM) with a complete set of WORKFLOW tools to manage contracts throughout pre-construction estimating planning and order preparation, all construction phases, and post-handover maintenance/warranty processing.
  • File Servers – centralised, secure servers for the storage of vital business brochures, documents, contracts, spreadsheets, drawings, accounts.
  • Firewall/Mail Servers – a fully secure, private in -house email server with internet control services, highly efficient web browser cache (proxy) servers and dynamic anti-virus/malware security features.
  • Websites – customised to suit your business, products and information needs.
  • Communications/Networking administration – all aspects of supplying, installing and providing on-going technical support of internet, WAN connections to branch offices, and dissemination of information via SMS, email or customised telecommunications means, can be provided by our professional team.
  • Business integration consulting services.