buildMGR CRM + Workflow for Construction Project Management

buildMGR is the result of bringing together two leadingkitchen fitout firms in their respective fields of housing construction and computer management, to provide a superb predictive management tool.

 Unlike traditional accounting, costing and estimating tools found in the marketplace, buildMGR fills a niche that all construction firms seek.   Predicting construction phases and planning all the dependent resources, trades and materials needed, in advance, dynamically, helps overcome both delays  as well as manage any advanced workloads.

The founders of buildMGR saw a need to integrate the entire CRM side of  business into one complimentary package that controls projects from their very inception during the sales cycle, thru to production/construction.

The developers of buildMGR come from two opposite sides of the industry - construction and computing.  But together, their experiences combined to produce a usable, effective tool well suited for the management of multiple, concurrent building projects, such as housing,  strata developments, house/land package construction as well as custom projects.